An unexpected development - I'm a daddy!

So my wife's OB/GYN had told us that our child would be born around March 22, 2013. That means I had about 3 more weeks to prepare, get some more writing done and just get things ready for that wonderful new step in our lives. Well, it just turns out that our little boy couldn't be bothered to wait that long!

After around 15 hours of labor from my wonderful, brave wife, our first child came into this world onb February 28 at 1:29 PM! No C-Section; my wife showed tremendous courage and strength as she pushed all the way for the first child she delivers! Our little bundle of joy was born slightly prematurely and weighed 5 lbs. so he wasn't the round little cherub I was expecting but he's still perfect in every way!

Anyway, this does delay some of my plans for a bit as we get acclimated to being parents while I finish many chores and other details that we hadn't gotten to because we thought we had a bit of extra time to get it done. Oops! Of course, this is great for another book I've been writing which is slightly biographical and slightly educational: the account of what I've learned and experienced as an expectant father!