Marduk's Mark is published!

And the first edition is out! I've published the first in my series of ebooks detailing the Wayward Souls saga. For those wondering, Wayward Souls is a series of fantasy novels set in a world that has been completely envisioned by myself. It has its own set of races and rules, and I hope those who visit it find it a worthwhile setting to return to as future stories are published.

I originally billed the ebook as a short story on Amazon, but after doing some research, its length may actually be considered a novella and a full novel, at a healthy 29,318 words by Word's count.

Anyway, I just learned that you can't just update these details in real-time on, so for the time being it can be found under the short stories category within fiction. I'll fix it as soon as it lets me!

Oh, here's the link to the product (of course!):

Marduk's Mark (Wayward Souls)
By Antonio Rodríguez